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Most of us greatly enjoy watching movies. Of course we do not all enjoy the same movies. As the saying goes, there is no accounting for taste. Therefore, it is important to point out that the recommendations in this page are made by someone who does not like action or horror movies...

Some new recommendations:

This intense, emotional and dramatic movie tells the story of the gay community in the early 1980's when AIDS was first detected and was called "gay cancer". Moving beyond words can describe and informative as well. The performances are unbelievable and the dialogues are passionate, convincing and inspired.

More recommendations:

For people who love romantic movies, this is definitely an interesting one to watch. Apart form the the fact that it presents quite an original version of the traditional story Cinderella, it is beautifully set, convincingly performed and beautifully spoken (for those of us who like British English.... and it is important to highlight that the harmonious British accent is delivered by an American actress and a Scottish actor)
Second recommendations:

An inspiring movie, based on a true story... it tells the story of a man who managed to overcome many obstacles and succeeded even when everything seemed lost. Why? Because he worked hard, he believed in himself and his love for his son helped him not to give up...

Another story which can help you feel the miracle of life and the unmeasurable power that lies within each person... Life can be unfair to the extreme... still, some people manage to remain pure and fair and not to lose faith... This film is definitely a must!

First recommendations:

Here are some recommendations to start with...

This is a lovely comedy starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. There are some lovely songs, the plot is entertaining and Hugh Grant's English is always a treat! 

Wonderful adaptation of Jane Austen's novel. Beautiful photography, excellent performances and a timeless love story....

One of the best suspense movies I've ever seen! The plot is flawless and the performances are outstanding. You'll never forget Keyser Soze...

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I will take them into account Miss! I have already watched some of them. thanks!