viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016


Hello, hello!!!

Yesterday we finished dealing with TBLT. You worked in groups organized by colours, and had to focus on a chapter in particular to explain to your classmates.

Most of you handed in your homework (the final task with its leading steps).

For next class you have to read chapter 3, by Cook, on general principles of First Language Acquisition. Also, those of you who are behind with your homework should try to catch up.

I'll be checking your blogs during the weekend to correct the tasks you have posted.

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

A task for your blogs...

Hi there!!

           I have finished correcting your charts with task+macrofunction+microfunction+grammar contents.... some of them are really good, whereas there are others that are a bit confusing. We'll look into them in more detail next class. Meanwhile, I want you to think of another task.... but this time I want you to try to incorporate some technology into it. Think of all the technology that surrounds us, that is part of the lives of our students, and try to make the task related to that in some way. Maybe the task can be to create a twitter account, or to carry out a chat in facebook or a hangout with gmail... (these are just some ideas; do not feel limited or restricted by them). So, think of a new task and make the chart with macrofunction, microfunction ang grammar contents and.... post it in your blog.

          Apart from that, I need you to start checking your classmates' blogs as well as mine. To the right, in "My list" you have all the links. It is not a bad idea to add to your blog your own list of favorites....

      Please, do not freak out!! Take your time and let me know if you come across any difficulties!

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016


Hi there!!

I can see that most of you have created your blogs successfully. Congrats!! A few of you are adding to your blogs very often... well done!!! To the others, remember that sometimes I will give you a specific requirement on what to post, but at other times you are free to post whatever you choose. The only condition is to do so frequently!

Johana and Claudia.... I don't have the links to your blogs.... could you please post a comment under this entry with the website? Thanks!!

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Totally humble vs Mostly cat lovers


            Last Thursday we finished dealing with chapter 2 on TBLT, which contains very important information such as the seven principles of this approach; principles that should be taken into consideration even if you want to use a different approach.

            Afterwards, we played a competition with questions on chapter 3.... nobody had realized at the time that the questions were already in the blog (you have to check the different pages of the blog). We had fun and focused on the most important concepts of chapter 3 at the same time. Plus, I have to take something weet to share next class!

         We are meeting again in two weeks. Remember next Thursday there is a special activity at the Club Italiano related to the anniversary of the Institute.

        For next class you have to:

  • read chapters 5 and 6 on TBLT
  • prepare to hand in a final task with the 6 steps
  • keep your blogs updated. Remember you can publish pictures, videos, links, or anything you may want to share. After I have corrected your homework I will give you some specific task for you to post in your blogs.

viernes, 6 de mayo de 2016

Already in May!!

Hi there!!

Yesterday we met for another class. We started by finishing work on teaching styles. It was great to see that almost everyone did their homework!

Then you got in groups according to your ages and you worked on some activities on chapters 1 and 2 on Task Based Language Teaching. We managed to check the true/false activity on chapter 1, but we only had time to deal with the first question on chapter 2.

For next class you have to read chapter 3 on TBLT, you have to do the "reflect"task on page 31 (you have to think of a task and then think of its macrofunction, microfunction and grammar focus) and you have to create your blog (either individually on with a partner) and publish a "Welcome" entry. Then, post a comment in this blog sharing the website.

Also, bear in mind two dates: On May 19th there will be no classes at the Institute. Instead, we are invited to attend special activities to celebrate the Institute's Anniversary (please check And, the date for the term test could be June 16th, or June 23rd... we'll confirm it in a couple of weeks.

Well...for now...

Take care and have a nice weekend!!