miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

A task for your blogs...

Hi there!!

           I have finished correcting your charts with task+macrofunction+microfunction+grammar contents.... some of them are really good, whereas there are others that are a bit confusing. We'll look into them in more detail next class. Meanwhile, I want you to think of another task.... but this time I want you to try to incorporate some technology into it. Think of all the technology that surrounds us, that is part of the lives of our students, and try to make the task related to that in some way. Maybe the task can be to create a twitter account, or to carry out a chat in facebook or a hangout with gmail... (these are just some ideas; do not feel limited or restricted by them). So, think of a new task and make the chart with macrofunction, microfunction ang grammar contents and.... post it in your blog.

          Apart from that, I need you to start checking your classmates' blogs as well as mine. To the right, in "My list" you have all the links. It is not a bad idea to add to your blog your own list of favorites....

      Please, do not freak out!! Take your time and let me know if you come across any difficulties!


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