sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Totally humble vs Mostly cat lovers


            Last Thursday we finished dealing with chapter 2 on TBLT, which contains very important information such as the seven principles of this approach; principles that should be taken into consideration even if you want to use a different approach.

            Afterwards, we played a competition with questions on chapter 3.... nobody had realized at the time that the questions were already in the blog (you have to check the different pages of the blog). We had fun and focused on the most important concepts of chapter 3 at the same time. Plus, I have to take something weet to share next class!

         We are meeting again in two weeks. Remember next Thursday there is a special activity at the Club Italiano related to the anniversary of the Institute.

        For next class you have to:

  • read chapters 5 and 6 on TBLT
  • prepare to hand in a final task with the 6 steps
  • keep your blogs updated. Remember you can publish pictures, videos, links, or anything you may want to share. After I have corrected your homework I will give you some specific task for you to post in your blogs.

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  1. Ok, thanks a lot! So sorry last class I was absent. I had a fever and my throat was not well, I was voiceless. I'll send homework by mail. Have a nice week!

  2. Hi Sara! Im trying to publish something but I cant do it. I want to change the image of my glob but it doesnt change.sorry.
    this is my blog:globishworld.bogspot.com