sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017

Mistakes, feedback and others....


How are you? How is your weekend going?

On Thursday we worked on the chapter on Mistakes and Feedback. First, we did a grouping activity based on a classification of people difficult to cope with. We reflected s little on the different types of difficult people, and the idea is to try to think about how to deal with them... You should select two of the categories and write in your blogs about how you think you should deal with them.

Once you were organized in groups, you worked on a questionnaire....I walked around the class, trying to help clear doubts and clarify concepts.

We are next meeting on September 28th, since on  the 21st we have the day off. That day we are having the first workshop, the one about Teaching Strategies (direct and indirect), so you should read the two chapters on this topic.

I'll be correcting your presentations and providing feedback... so we'll be in touch!

And remember the deadline for the short stories of our assesment project is October 12th.

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domingo, 10 de septiembre de 2017

Learning Styles and Personality Factors


How are you?? I hope you are doing great!!

Last Thursday we finished dealing with learning styles, with the different ways of classifying them, different quizzes to find out about them and the implications for teachers. We mentioned briefly some ideas related to strategies, but we did no go into details because we will soon have a workshop on that!!

Then we briefly discussed personality factors. We just mentioned them and explained a few central ideas, but we did not have time to go deeply into it.

The idea is that if yu have any questions or doubts on the chapter you ask me next class at the beginning of the class. And after that we will focus on Mistakes and Feedback, so make sure to read chapter 8 by Brown.

Well, finally, I hope tomorrow you all spend a wonderful day!!

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domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Learning Styles, assessment project and workshops

Hi there!!

How are you on this rainy Sunday??

Last class we worked on learning styles, explaining what they are, what determines them and what are some of the ways of classifying them. Next Thursday we'll continue working on this and we'll start dealing with personality factors. So, for next class you must read chapter 6 by Brown on Personality Factors.

Also, remember that you have this and next week to work on your presentations on Characteristics of Good Short Stories.

Last but not least, here I share the information on the Workshops you will deliver for us:

Likely date
Celeste, Belén and Cecilia

Teaching strategies
September 28th
Emiliano, Carolina and Julia

Teaching listening
October 5th
Joaquín, Matías, Daiana and Noelia
Teaching reading
October 12th 
Eugenia, Gustavo and Marina
Teaching writing
October 19th
Johanna, Aldana and Claudio
Teaching speaking
November 2nd

This is exactly what we discussed  before the Winter Break. The only change is in the date of the last workshop because on Ocotber 26th there is the Fairy Tale Festival.

Well, that's all ... I'll start viviting your Google docs in a few minutes !!

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domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

Last class and links to short stories

Hi there!!

How has your weekend been?? I hope great!!

Last class we spent most of the time discussing our assessment project....The rest of the class we devoted to going through some general ideas related to syllabus design and coursebooks.

Here I share with you the links to three short stories I would like you to read to start working on your presentations on what the characteristics of good short stories are:

The Kiss
The Way up to Heaven
The Masque of the Red Death

Bear in mind that in the last two links there are several stories. The ones I want you to read are the ones I name in the links.

Of course you are free to read more stories (and also to recommend other stories to us)!!

The presentation should be ready by September 14th. Remember to do it in Google docs and to add me to the list of people who can edit: sracker2000@gmail,.com .

Whatever doubts you may have...we'll be in touch!!

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sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

Please remember!!

Hi my dears!!

How are you? How was your winter break?... I hope it was great!!!

Please remember that on Thursday 17th I will be absent (I'm taking my daughter to the eye doctor). I mentioned this before the winter break, but I want to be sure you remember.

For this first week, I would like you to post something in your blogs related to your favorite books,or the best reading experiences you have had. The deadline for this entry is August 23rd.

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sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

Happy Winter Break!!

Hi my dear 4th year!!

How are you? Starting to enjoy the Winter Break?  (And those of you who have to sit for finals starting to go through your stages?)

Let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy classes with you... you are a very special group!!

Well, on Thurdsay we organized groups and presentations for the second part of the year. I explained what I expect from these presentations and we agreed that "Workshops" is a more accurate word to describe it.

You still owe me the groups for the assessment project.

I did not ask for any homework for the Winter Break because I know you need both to study and to rest. Still, if you want to post things in your blogs, it will be my pleasure to read them.

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lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Blog time!!

Hi there!!

I have just finished checking all your blogs!!! I feel extremely happy because I have found brilliant material shared. I also see that many of you are getting into the healthy and enriching habit of checking one another's blogs.

I want to thank you all for sharing so generously... I feel we are all learning a lot, making ubiquitous learning our reality (which is one of the main advantages of embracing the new technologies).

One suggestion: pay a bit more attention to grammar/spelling/typing.... I have found many language mistakes in the blogs ( I will prepare special feedback on that for after the winter break).

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jueves, 6 de julio de 2017

Needs Assessment


How are you on this rainy evening?? I'm guessing many of you felt really cozy at home and decided to stay that way... And since about half the students were absent, today we didn't do any grouping activity... you chose who to work with.

During the class you worked on a questionnaire on chapter 4 about Needs Assessment. During the last part of the class we shared some of the answers and personal appreciations on the topic. Next class we will continue working on this.

Homework for next class:

  • prepare (individually or in small groups; you can choose) a tool to get information on your students' needs and interests. (use the examples from the "practice" section of the chapter to get some ideas). This task you have to hand in.
  • post in your blog (free post; just remember what we have been saying about the quality of the posts)
  • organize the groups for the second part of the year (for the presentations we need 5 groups:4 groups of 3 students and 1 group of four; for the assessment project we discussed last class, I need 4 groups of 4 students each)
Well, for now..

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viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Feedback, homework and more

Hi my dear 4th year!!

Yesterday we had a class during which I provided feedback on your term tests. First, there was some general feedback and content feedback, and then we did some error analysis.

Afterwards, there was some general reflection on the blogs and the quality of your work on your blogs (next week I will provide more personalized feedback).

Later, we decided on the work dynamic we are going to have in the second part of the year (presentations and a series of tasks integrating technology instead of a term test). I also offered the possibility of having some sharing moments based on topics or materials that you want to bring to the class, with the intention of creating a bridge between the reality of our classrooms and the theory we study together.

Finally, I gave you another quiz to gather more information for grouping activities... a quiz some of you found quite challenging!!

For homework, all you have to do (since we did not have time to deal with the chapter you have already read) is post something in your blogs (and, if necessary, catch up with previous homework) for sharing about anything you want (either about the possible topics for sharing moments or about any other material you want).

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viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Results and homework

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had the First Term Test...from the exams I have read so far I can tell that many of you have been paying attention in class and have studied... good for all of us!!... I'll do my best to finish correcting for next class.

For next Thursday I need you to do two things:

  • Read chapter 4 on Needs Assessment: Needs assessment in language programming: from theory to practice
  • Post a reflection on your blog related to exam situations: it can be about pros and cons, about study strategies, about strategies to handle stress or about any related aspect that you want to.
In the meantime...

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