lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

So...that's it!

Hi my dearest students!!!

On Thursday we had our last class...for some of you it was THE last class... I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I just want to tell you that I have really enjoyed our year has been a difficult year for me, as regards my private life, and it is really amazing that I got to enjoy Thursday evenings so much. So...Thanks!!!

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And I want to wish you the very best in the next stage you are about to start...classes free!!!

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miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2017

The end is near....

Hi there!!!!

Just a line to remind you that you have until next Tuesday to finish the presentation on How to Teach Writing.... So far only two groups have shared their Googledocs with me...

Come on!! One last effort!!

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lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017

More feedback

Here we have more!!






Hi mates waving-hand-medium-light-skin-tone.png we have read your short story “Groomed” and now we are going to provide
feedback on it. We are going to use the model of the ‘traffic light’.  We really liked the story, we are just going to comment on the aspects that we enjoyed more and those which we consider  can be improved.      
                                                      descarga (33).jpg
Positive aspects:

  • Catchy cover, good selection of imagery.
  • Good use of repetition at the beginning of the first paragraph.
  • We liked the way you presented the characters, you developed them gradually through the first page.
  • Effective use of dialogues.
  • Real to life theme.!! It is great how you could create a short story based on one of the most important and problematic topics of our society.
  • MORAL: At the end of the story, you presented and transmitted a specific message to the reader… When we finished reading “Groomed”, we could appreciate that you wanted to show the reader how dangerous/ beneficial technology can be in our society. You left a clear ending/message in the last paragraph of the short story.        

  • The selection of pictures (except the first one) was a bit flat. Some of them did not reflect the mood of the story.
  • Some adjectives were repeated several times. For example, the adjective ‘handsome’, maybe next time you can use synonyms to refer to the same word.
  • Little use of visual, auditory and kinesthetic images. We expected to have a more detailed description of the place where she was kept and the way in which she was kidnaped.  
  • A twist ending can give the reader a jolt. We were expecting something to happen in the end other than something “happy” but it was not the case. In a sense it was a bit predictable.
To bear in mind

  • I would have liked to have a little more action towards the end.
  • When she writes to this fictitious boy where she will meet him, it reads “12:30 am” but you can tell it’s really 12:30 pm.
  • Also, Jane tells her mother she is going to be late because she will do some homework with a friend, but then when Summer asks Carol if her daughter is supposed to be home, Carol says that she is. That is a bit incoherent.

The story is overall well written, though a little flat. The action rises in a real pace but almost as soon as it hits the turning point it goes down again for the purpose of the moral.
The characters are very relatable and so is the scenario, which makes the story interesting from the point of view of its plausibility: this is something which could happen to any of us, and that makes us feel uneasy, which is a good characteristic to have in a short story. We also found it as a resource any teacher of english could use for a themed lesson since it is easy to read. Finally, although it was written collaboratively by four people with different tastes, you can hardly tell since the story maintains a general structure from beginning to end.

Well done!!!

viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017 and more!


How are you?? Just starting the weekend?? Way to go!!

Yesterday we did not have classes....because we had the fairy tale festival. In fact, many of you participated in the performance of Hamlet.... Congrats!! It was really good!!!

I have already received the feedback of one of the groups... I'm sure I'll receive the others during the weekend... I'll have a look and then we'll share in the blog.

I'll also be reading your blogs these days, since I've noticed many of you have posted....

Finally, next week we have a new workshop.... are you ready??

And remember you have to start with the presentations on "How to teach writing", based on your reading, and on your experiences as teachers, and as students and also reflecting on this experience of the assessment project. Do it in a Google doc and remember to share it with me.

Well, that's all for now....

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martes, 24 de octubre de 2017


How are you??

Last Thursday we had another workshop... this time on Teaching Reading.... it was excellent!!! It was entertaining, original, enriching.... congratulations!!!!

This week you have to work on the feedback of one of the short stories, as part of the assessment project. I know you are tired... but there is so little left.... you can do it!!!

Remember to contact me if you have any doubts!!!

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lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

Second Workshop...check!

Hi there!!

How are you?? Tired? Probably yes... but you have only one more month to go!! You can do it!!

Last Thursday we had the second workshop on Teaching Listening, delivered by Carolina, Emiliano and Julia. You then wrote some feedback for them.... We all enjoyed the workshop and would have liked it to be longer!!

Today I'll finishe correcting the short stories and then you have to give them an attractive layout, using some application. After that, we'll have the feedback step of the assessment project.

And, next Thursday we have the workshop on Teaching Reading!!

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sábado, 7 de octubre de 2017

First workshop...check!!

Hi my dear 4th!!  How are you? I hope you are doing well!!!

Last Thursday we had the first Workshop, delivered by Cecilia, Celeste and Belén. It was about Direct and Indirect Strategies. They told us about the classification and all the options there are as regards strategies. They made us play too!!

For next class, I need you (the ones who were present on Thursday) to write some feedback for the girls (you should hand it in to me).

In fact, the last part of the class was devoted to dealing with how to provide feedback and with how important it is to provide enriching, and adequate feedback.

Next Thursday we have the workshop on Teaching Listening...I'm really looking forward to it!! Also, next Thursday is the deadline for the short stories! (In the Google document so I can correct...later you will use an application to illustrate it and give it a more attractive presntation).

Well... that's all for now...

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domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

Class cancelled.... reprogramming

Hi there!!

How are you?

Last Thursday we were all there but we could not have classes.... since classes were cancelled because there were no janitors.

So... this would be our new calendar...

Likely date
Celeste, Belén and Cecilia

Teaching strategies
October 5th
Emiliano, Carolina and Julia

Teaching listening
October 12th
Joaquín, Matías, Daiana and Noelia
Teaching reading
October 19th 
Eugenia, Gustavo and Marina
Teaching writing
November 2nd

Johanna, Aldana and Claudio
Teaching speaking
November 9th 

Anyway... we can talk about any doubts on Thursday!

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