viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Results and homework

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had the First Term Test...from the exams I have read so far I can tell that many of you have been paying attention in class and have studied... good for all of us!!... I'll do my best to finish correcting for next class.

For next Thursday I need you to do two things:

  • Read chapter 4 on Needs Assessment: Needs assessment in language programming: from theory to practice
  • Post a reflection on your blog related to exam situations: it can be about pros and cons, about study strategies, about strategies to handle stress or about any related aspect that you want to.
In the meantime...

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viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

Next stop....term test!


Yesterday we had our last class before the term test.

Those who arrived on time got some juicy details on the contents of the test...

Unfortunately, I still can't confirm whether we'll be able to have the test on the 22nd as planned... If there are any news, I'll let you know...

In the meantime,

jueves, 8 de junio de 2017



Today we briefly went over some key aspects of FLA (and hinted at some possible exam questions). Then we moved on to SLA. We haven't began to discuss the chapter you had to read for today, because we were focusing on all the factors that play a role in SLA (they are a lot!).

So, for next week the only homework you have is to think about the similarities and differences between FLA and SLA.

Those of you who haven't posted anything related to FLA, remember you were supposed you have time until Sunday!!

Well, that's all for now...

jueves, 1 de junio de 2017

More about FLA

Hi there!!

Today we continued working on First Language Acquisition, reviewing Chomsky's model and revising the acquisition schedule.

Next class we'll round it up and we'll start discussing SLA, so please read the chapter by Brown on Theories of Second Language Acquisition.

Also, I forgot to tell you, I'd like you to post something on your blogs... something related on FLA (a video, an article, a reflection... whatever you want).

Take care and...

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viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017



Yesterday we devoted our class to reflecting on the process of First Language Acquisition. We did so from  a Nativist Position, and we discussed some central concepts of Chomsky's theory.

Apart from that, we considered the facts that need to be explained by any theory of FLA. These facts are very important because they highlight how unique the process of First Language Acquisition is.

Next class (in two weeks), we'll continue analyzing this crutial topic of our syllabus, so please finish reading the chapter (chapter 3 by Cook) and read Pinker's chapter 9 (Baby born talking describes Heaven).

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viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

That's all about TBLT


How are you on this rainy day??

Yesterday we finished dealing with Task Based Language Teaching, in what can be described as an "entertaining class". First, while you worked in groups, I provided feedback on your TBLT homework (if I haven't given you feedback yet, don't worry! I did not have time to finish!). And then we had another competition... with a lot of suspense!! In the end, it was a tie!! Good for all of you!! There was no time to chek on doubts, so feel free to ask me next class about any TBLT related loose ends...

For next class you have to do two things:

  • Read chapter 3 from Cook on First Language Acquisition and...
  • Post something in your blog (a free post, anything you want: a video, an article, etc; just remember to explain why you are sharing that material in particular)
Well, I think that is all for now...

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viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

TGI Friday!!!

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had fun, didn't we??

First you got in groups following some clues. Then, you decided on a name for your team: we had the Hitchcocks, the gifted and skilled, the witches and the X men. Afterwards, we had five rounds of questions and answers on chapter 3, TBLT. I hope the format of the lesson helps you remember important concepts effectively!

For next class, you should read chapters 5 and 6 on TBLT and you should also add a gadget to your blog.

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viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

Third class

Hello, hello!!

Yesterday we started dealing with Task Based Language Teaching. We dealt with chapters 1 and 2. This time you worked in groups, arranged according to your birthday dates. I must say that you all worked very well and at a very good pace. Still, it would be even more enriching if you all read the material for each class. I know you all have a lot on your plate, but I must insist on the importance and the benefits of keeping updated with the reading.

For next class you must read chapter 3. You must also do the reflection tasks on pages 31 and 35 and post them in your blog. You have time until next Thursday to do so.

We also mentioned that the likely date for the First Term Test is June 22nd.

As soon as I post this I'll start checking your newly created blogs and adding them to my list of blogs, so you all have access to all the blogs.

And now yes, I leave you to

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miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

So far... three blogs!!

Hi there!!

Three of you (Eugenia, Belén and Joaquín) have already created their blogs... Well done!!! You can see them in my list of blogs in the bottom right corner of this blog... check them and give them some feedback!

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viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

About yesterday, homework and YOUR BLOGS!!

Hi there!!!

Yesterday we had our second class (only second!!)... You got in groups (divided by favorite colours) and worked on a questionnaire on Teaching Styles. All the groups worked very effectively and enrichingly... At the end of the class, we shared the answers...

For next class (Thursday 27th April)), you have to read chapters 1 and 2 on Task Based Language Teaching, by David Nunan.

Also for next class, you have to create your own blog!! Some things to take into account:

  • you can do it individually or in pairs 
  • for next class you just have to publish a welcome sign (you can make your own sign or you can use an image from internet)
  • you will have to post something at least once a week (somethimes I will give you specific instructions and sometimes you will have complete freedom to decide what to post)
  • the blog must be related to our subject, but you can decide whether it will include material only on teaching English or on other topics too (you can decide to post information and material for your students, or for other teachers of English or for anyone who loves the English language)
Here you have a tutorial on how to do it (there are A LOT of tutorials in YouTube, you can use this on or any other that you prefer)

Now I say goodbye

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Oh!! And remember...

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