sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Do you miss me?


It's a pity we did not get together last Thursday... I did not let you know in advance what it was going to be like because we teachers did not know .... supposedly we were going to work together in our classroom...


Next Thursday we'll have two presentations (the one due last Thursday and the one due next Thursday). Then we'll work on TBLT. Make sure the presentations are not longer than 4o minutes each.

Also, I've been checking your blogs (I haven't finished yet...) and I can see that some of you have already embedded the Voki and others havent' done it yet. Please do it soon. Besides, there seems to be a problem with the website Sabrina shared... I can't see the blog. So, Sabrina, if you read this, please check and share with us the correct address.

Moreover, some of you have been posting things in your blogs... well done!!! Others haven't. Please start sharing materials... links, images, videos, etc...

And don't forget to do the two reflection tasks (the one with two tasks and macrofunctions and the six-step sequence for a final task.

Finally, here I share some links that Marisol and Cecilia recommended in their presentations:













viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015


Hello, hello!!

Yesterday we got together once again, and enjoyed a lovely presentation by Cecilia. She made us work and play and she shared useful and entertaining activities... Congrats!!

Then we finished dealing with chapter 1, TBLT and we almost finished discussing chapter 2. We still have to deal with the seven principles....

For next class you have to:

  • Read (or re-read chapter3, TBLT)
  • Do the reflection task on page 31 
  • Do the reflection task on page 35
Also, let me tell you the result of the poll on the term test date.... the test will be on... ta-tan-ta-tan....
June 25th!!

And one more thing: pay attention for any news on next Thursday (there might be one of these special teacher meetings, in which case classes will be cancelled)...

jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

Sixth class

Hi there, all of you!

Today we had a very nice presentation from Marisol on how films can help you to teach and learn English. The presentation included three very well chosen videos... Well done, Sunshine!

Then, we finished checking the work on Teaching and Learning Styles. And afterwards, students divided into two groups (according to their birthdays) and worked on chapter 1 TBLT.

For next class you should:

  • read chapters 2 and 3 on TBLT
  • make a Voki and post it in your blogs (click here)
  • catch up with your homework if you have to...
  • And... vote (by posting a comment below) on which date you prefer for the term test. The options are June 18th, June 25th or July 16th
Finally, especial congrats to Analía for her sweet and exciting news!!!

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Blogging bloggers

Hi there!!

Today we had a lovely class at Hector's lovely place!!

First, Daiana delivered her interesting presentation on "warm ups and close ups". Then, over coffee, mate and sweet treats, we discussed how to create a blog.

For next class, you have to:

  • Do previous homework (write a comment on your results of the survey about teaching styles, finish questionnaire on teaching and learning styles and read chapter 1 on TBLT)
  • Read chapter 2 on TBLT
  • Create your own blog and send me by mail the address (or publish it under this entry as a comment)
  • In your blog, publish its first entry (a welcome message)
Here I send you a picture of where you'll find the way to make other pages, apart from the main page, appear in your blog (go to "design", "add gadget" and from the gadgets choose the one shown below)

Have a fantastic weekend!!