jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Blogging bloggers

Hi there!!

Today we had a lovely class at Hector's lovely place!!

First, Daiana delivered her interesting presentation on "warm ups and close ups". Then, over coffee, mate and sweet treats, we discussed how to create a blog.

For next class, you have to:

  • Do previous homework (write a comment on your results of the survey about teaching styles, finish questionnaire on teaching and learning styles and read chapter 1 on TBLT)
  • Read chapter 2 on TBLT
  • Create your own blog and send me by mail the address (or publish it under this entry as a comment)
  • In your blog, publish its first entry (a welcome message)
Here I send you a picture of where you'll find the way to make other pages, apart from the main page, appear in your blog (go to "design", "add gadget" and from the gadgets choose the one shown below)

Have a fantastic weekend!!

10 comentarios:

  1. Hello!!!!

    I'm very excited about this.... I've created my first blog ever!!! jejejej Here goes the URL so you can add me to your lists of blogs... Thank youuuuu!!!


  2. Hi everyone!
    I give you my blog address so all of you can add me. see you on thursday, bye!!!


  3. Hi people!
    I'm here again. In this opportunity I'll mention the results of the quiz. Strangely, the results were variable. I mean, I got two ticks for " communicative", two ticks for "others" and one tick for " mainstrean EFL". I haven't got most of the tick in one row. I think the results were quite correct, because when I deliver my lessons I don't use just one style. I frequently use a bit of each. It's depend on the course. Well.. see you tomorrow. Bye!!!

  4. Hi!
    I spent a great time creating my blog! I'm still investigating and discovering different configuration options. I still don't know how to add pages to a list, but I'll keep triyng!

    See you!!

  5. oh! By the way, this is my blog!! http://english-2share.blogspot.com.ar/

  6. Hello miss, sorry for being absent, but I I had an infection in my uterus and i had to stay in bed for a week with a lot of pain. My blog is www.1311english.blogspot.com..I did it as i could because i had not idea how to do it.
    See you!

  7. Miss, the quiz gave me as result communicative, and i am totally agree because my aim is that students use the language for communication most of the time, but i have to admit that i use audio-lingual, academic style and total physical response also. in fact I choose the style according to the age of the group and their cognitive and linguistic competence.
    Regards, Natalia.

  8. Hiya! My result is: mainstream EFL.
    My blog is http://iaminlovewithenglish.blogspot.com.ar/

    1. Miss!!!!! you couldn´t find my blog because there is a mistake...it is www13115english.blogspot.com.ar sorry!!!!

  9. Hello miss, my blog is www13115english.blogspot.com.ar...sorry!!!! There was a missing nunber. Natalia.