jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

Fourth class

Hi there!!

Today we've had our fourth class. We started with Hector's presentation on how he teaches pronunciation in primary school. Very interesting work Hector!

Then we worked on the questionnaire on teaching and learning styles.

For next class you have to:

  • create a gmail account (if you don't already have one)
  • do the quiz on teaching styles on page 236, chapter 13 (the chapter you had to read for today). Then post a comment in the blog with a reflection on the result you got in the quiz.
  • read chapter 1 on TBLT, by David Nunan
And remember: next Thursday we'll meet at 6 pm, at Hector's place, Colón 815, 1°E. Bring your netbooks!!

Have a great weekend and, in particular, 

3 comentarios:

  1. "What teaching style do you use in the classroom?"
    I got the "communicative style" as the result on the quiz. Well, I have to say that it was really difficult for me to tick only ONE answer in each question, since I cannot say I use only one teaching style. In fact, during the classes I am teaching you may notice a diversity of techniques.
    As a teacher, and as a student, I believe that before choosing one style, I have to take into account the needs of the students, the different groups I will be working with, and, what is more important, my plans and techniques should be flexible and moldable to be changed whenever it is necessary.
    John W. Gardner, an American statesman and founding chair of Independent Sector, once said, "Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants."

  2. Hi people, I need to ask you a favour. I haven't a computer so if someone has an extra one. Can you lend me a netbook, please? thank in advance. see you tomorrow.

  3. Well, my result on the quiz is "communicative style". I agree on the result, but although communication is my aim when teaching, this does not mean that I only use communicative techniques for my students to achieve this goal. In fact, after reflecting, I've realised that I use a variety of techniques (from TPR, audiolingualims, TBL and of course communicative approach) but the objective is always to teach the language to communicate.
    Of course that this is also what the school were I work focus on, so in a way I feel lucky to share this objectives for I consider that the most important aim in a language is being able to communicate.