Stages 2 and 3


Here I include the isntructions for stages 2 and 3 of the project "From reading to writing, an intercultural experience"

Stage 2

  • Get in pairs or into a group of three (remember you are 5: Daiana, Andy, Marisol, Natalia and Sabrina; Analía has to let us know whether she is going to take part or not)
  • With the members of your groups watch this video (or any other you find stimulating):

  • Then, with the members of your group, write a story. You can use Storybird or Calameo, or any application on line you like for story telling. Once you have finished share the link so we can all read it.
  • Finally, each group will provide some feedback to the other group. A useful model for this can be found following this link: You can follow this model or not, depending on your preferences. Prepare the feedback (it can be done in a mini presentation or a word document or Google do, etc) and then share it. You can post the link or text as a comment in this blog or send it to me by mail so I can embed it in the blog.
Let me know if you have any doubts!!!

Stage 3

  • Working collaboratively again, you will all contribute to making a presentation explaining How to teach writing. The best way to do this is to use a Google document again, since it gives you all freedom as regards the time to do it. So, I will create another document and invite you to edit it.
  • Those of you who have the possibility to promote (Marisol, Daiana and Andy) will also have to prepare a virtual "poster" with the key ideas. One application you can use is Piktochart If you know and prefer any other, of course you can use it.
Below I include some links which you mau find useful:

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  1. Hi everybody! Of course I´m taking part of the three stages! I´ll be working with Andy in the second stage, and we wanted to know if any other of you girls want to work with us.. Just let us know.. See you!

  2. Hi girls! This is the link to our story
    We hope you like it!!!

  3. Hi sara! Here we send you the links to our presentations;

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Sara, this is the link of my virtual poster. I have sent you an email, but just in case I also publish it here. See you soon!!!