viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015


Hello, hello!!

Yesterday we got together once again, and enjoyed a lovely presentation by Cecilia. She made us work and play and she shared useful and entertaining activities... Congrats!!

Then we finished dealing with chapter 1, TBLT and we almost finished discussing chapter 2. We still have to deal with the seven principles....

For next class you have to:

  • Read (or re-read chapter3, TBLT)
  • Do the reflection task on page 31 
  • Do the reflection task on page 35
Also, let me tell you the result of the poll on the term test date.... the test will be on... ta-tan-ta-tan....
June 25th!!

And one more thing: pay attention for any news on next Thursday (there might be one of these special teacher meetings, in which case classes will be cancelled)...

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  1. Ok! Great!
    See you next Thursday, I promise... Thanks a lot for letting us being updated... See you!!!