jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

Sixth class

Hi there, all of you!

Today we had a very nice presentation from Marisol on how films can help you to teach and learn English. The presentation included three very well chosen videos... Well done, Sunshine!

Then, we finished checking the work on Teaching and Learning Styles. And afterwards, students divided into two groups (according to their birthdays) and worked on chapter 1 TBLT.

For next class you should:

  • read chapters 2 and 3 on TBLT
  • make a Voki and post it in your blogs (click here)
  • catch up with your homework if you have to...
  • And... vote (by posting a comment below) on which date you prefer for the term test. The options are June 18th, June 25th or July 16th
Finally, especial congrats to Analía for her sweet and exciting news!!!

5 comentarios:

  1. Hi! I think it's my first time commenting here. I've created the blog, here's the link http://smricard.blogspot.com.ar/ but I had problems in putting the voki as a gadget. I could created it but the blog didn't allow me to post it. I don't know why!
    I'm one of those who has to catch up with HW. I promisse I'll do it! I vote for June 25th for the term test.
    See you! :)

  2. Hi! I was waiting for you last week in my place... what happened? haha... Just a bit of humor. You know, last week I was called to participate in a special activity at the ISFDyT55 and it started at 9.00 am and finished 7.00 pm. Imagine how I finished the day.... that's why I was absent... I'm terribly sorry because I've missed Marisol's presentation....
    Regarding the question, I prefer June the 25th...
    Thanks a lot Sara for taking our opinions into account.!! :)

  3. Hi everyone! I vote for July 16th...
    Sara, thanks for the nice postcard! We are really happy about the news! My daughter doesn´t know about it yet, we are waiting for the next eco to tell her... But she talks about a baby coming all the time!

  4. Hi everyone! as regard the date for the term test I prefer July 16th, because on the last week of June I 'll have the term test of Oral IV. Let's see tomorrow.....