jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Finally...our first class!!

Hello, my dear 4th year students!!

I'm so happy to have finally had our first class... and I must say, it's been a pleasure to meet you!

During this first class we:

  • got to know one another a little bit
  • discussed the syllabus and the goals for the subject
  • dealt with the definitions of language, learning and teaching
For next class, remember you have to:
  • write a paragraph or two about you
  • read the syllabus, in detail
  • read ch 3 by Yule on the properties of language
  • read ch 13 by Cook on SL teaching and learning styles
And, in case you want to see the presentation again, follow the link First Class Presentation
Have a wonderful weekend and see you next Thursday!

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