viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

Welcome back from the winter break!

Hello everyone!

           Yesterday we met again, after a month! We talked a little about the organization of the classes we have left...
           A very important point for you to bear in mind is that you have to get organized (we need 5 groups of 3 students each) to deliver a presentation. Here you have the topics and the probable dates of the presentations (remember that these are likely dates and they can be moved one week forward or backward):

  • 9/10 Teaching strategies
  • 9/10 Teaching pronunciation
  • 16/10 Teaching vocabulary
  • 23/10 Teaching receptive skills, reading and listening
  • 13/11 Teaching productive skills, speaking and writing
(On October 30th you have the play and we are all invited to the Fairy Tales Festival. And on November 6th we'll have the term test

           Then we dealt with First Language Acquisition. Those of you who were absent, please ask your classmates for the notes because we worked on several important concepts.

          For homework you have several things to do:

  • Get in groups for the presentations so next class we divide the topics. 5 groups of 3 students each. (for 4/9)
  • Read the two chapters on Second Language Acquisition: Brown chapter 10 and Cook chapter 12 (for 4/9)
  • Write an essay on First Language Acquisition focusing on two main points: How do you think that children acquire their first language? What are your views on Chomsky's theory of FLA? (for 18/9)

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