viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

A new class...

Hi there!!

Yesterday we (finally!!!) had another class. We dealt with SLA, mentioning all the factors that have to be taken into consideration when studying the issue.

Next class we will start with a 20 minute activity to round the topic off. Then we will deal with Personality Factors and Learning Styles, so you have to read chapter 8 by Cook and chapters 5 and 6 by Brown (the first three chapters in the second bunch).

Bear in mind the schedule for the next few weeks:

  • 25/09 learning styles and personality factors
  • 02/10 mistakes and feedback 
  • 09/10 we start with the presentations.
Evaluation and Needs Analysis you will have to read on your own. These topics will not be included in the term test, but I will give you some assignment. 

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