viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Let's get back to work!!


      Yesterday we had another class. We talked a lot about First Language Acquisition and Second Language Acquisition. We reflected on the similarities and differences of both processes, and we brainstormed factors that need to be taken into account when studying SLA.

      For next class, you have to read the new chapter I gave you on SLA (the one by Cook), and if you have time, re read the one you already read for yesterday. Next class each one of you will get a specific aspect of this topic to explain to the rest of the group....

      Also, don't forget to work on the assignment on FLA I gave you before the winter holidays. It's important to highlight that, in order to promote the subject without final exam, you need to hand in assignments on time, apart from getting 7 (seven) or more in each task (term tests, presentations, and each task you do during the year). Moreover, you need to read the material for each class, and you have to participate. Let me say it in other words: you have to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you understand each topic we deal with and that you are committed to the subject. I know you are already tired at this time of the year, but it's one last effort before you can relax once and for all!!!!!

      Next class we will discuss the topics and likely dates of the presentations for this second part of the year. We will also specify requirements on the use of the blogs that you have created, since some of you frequently post material and others tend to forget about it....

      Well, now I bid farewell until next Thursday, saying...

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