jueves, 19 de junio de 2014


Hi everyone!

A few hours ago we had the great opportunity of attending Emilio Tenti Fanfani's lecture. I think all of us who were there can agree that it was an enriching experience. First of all, he is an eloquent and entertaining lecturer. Morever, he discussed ideas closely related to our subject matter and our profession. Furthermore, he brought up topics worth reflecting on...

I invite those of you who were there to make comments in this blog for those who were not there... Which one of all the ideas discussed did you find most interesting and/or compelling?

2 comentarios:

  1. The lecture was very interesting. Tenti talked about the educational system and some of its contradictions. One of them has to do with the demands of the marginalized people. He said that although they demand for lands, money, etc, they do not demand for the access to knowledge.
    Silvia Gelosi.

  2. I also believe that the talk was really enriching. Tenti talked about ten tensions he finds in our educational system. One of those tensions has to do With differentiating the Knowledge available to the students (which can be found anywhere nowadays) and the Knowledge that they really acquire. We as teachers need to give them the tools and teach them the necessary strategies to truly acquire knowledge.