jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Today's class

Hi there!

Today we devoted part of the class to clearing some doubts on your blogs. The idea was to learn how to use a new application, but for "technical" reasons it was not possible... That's the way it goes as far as the TICs are concerned: using teachnological devices in our classes is enriching and worthwhile, but it is also time consuming and frustrating at times... Nevertheless, there are tools which are too good to be ignored....

We finished discussing chapter 1 on TBLT and almost all chapter 2 (all that remains to be discussed are the seven principles). For homework there's not much, since I want all of you to catch up with your work. You have to describe two tasks and classify them in terms of macrofunction, microfunction and grammar and also develop a final task with its six steps...

Remember next Thursday there are no "regular" classes, but we'll meet at school 14 for a lecture. It's at 6pm.

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