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Another class has come and gone....

Hi there!

On Thursday we had our first presentation. It was about "Teaching Direct and Indirect Strategies".The girls in charge of the presentation were Jimena, Araceli and Soledad. They prepared several entertaining games and some other activities. It was all great except for one thing:timing. They were supposed to take between one hour and one hour and twenty minutes. Instead,they took almost three hours...

As I mentioned on Thursday, let's reflect on this and learn... after all, that's what we are here for...

Whenever you prepare a presentation and you have a time limit, rehearse and time yourselves so there are no surprises. This also means that if you have games or activities prepared you have to know exactly how much time you can allow for each one. And in this aspect, you should stick to the plan. Another point  to take into consideration is that you should have plan A (everything you would like to say and do), but also plan B (a ranking of what is the most and the least important so you know in advance what could be left out if necessary). Moreover, when it is a presentation in groups, try to achieve collaborative work: all the members of the group should have equal participation, and should help one another to find the right balance. For example, if in the group there is a shy person,  the others should help this person to feel more comfortable and to participate. Or if there is someone who talks a lot, the other members should help him/her to focus and move on.

What other suggestions do you have? Please leave your comment!!

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  1. Yes! I think that to be supportive with your team It's Very important and also to be flexible enough so as to change things if necessary. Sometimes this is very hard because we work a lot and we don't want to leave anything out. So I think It's sth we should all reflect on.

  2. I agree, it is difficult to "sacrifise" what we have studied but sometimes we need to . it´s like adapting to the circumstances I suppose ..

  3. We agree with the comments, especially with the idea of having a Plan A and Plan B. We also think that it would be good, whenever possible, to show the plan to the teacher before delivering the presentation. In this way, having her feedback in advance, may help us to make corrections where is needed. Eli & Silvia.

  4. First of all,as you says,as regards dynamic it was a nice performance and it was also very good in the contents they had presented and explained.However, they failed timing.Today is our time!!! I hope that experience helps as to reflect on pros and cons and improve it.!! Gaby.

  5. I think we all have learnt something! Something I do when I have to deliver presentations or when I have to prepare a lesson for Teaching Practicum is to make a list of all the activities and topics I have to deal with. Next to the name of the activity or topic I write more or less at what time i'm supposed to finish each of them (for example, Presentation 10:30, Reading Comp 10:50, Listening 11: 10, and so on). It's very helful for me!