jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Last class before the term test

Hello everyone!!

               Today we had our last class before the second term test. We had two great and entertaining presentations: the first on teaching vocabulary and the second on teaching receptive skills. I want to thank all those who have delivered their presentations so far both on the great job they've done and on the adaptative skills and positive attitude shown under the pressure of time.

             Next Thursday there is the Fairy Tale Festival, so we'll meet there. Good luck to all those who participate!!

            And the following class we'll have the term test. The topics included will be: Second Language Acquisition, Personality Factors, Learning Styles and Mistakes and Feedback.

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  1. Hello ! sorry to ask but I couldn't find the theory about multiple intelligences; could you tell me in which booklet it is ? Thaaaaaankss !!!

    1. Hi there!! There was no material on the Multiple Intelligences in the booklets.... just what we discussed in class. You should check the web for a brief description of the theory...

  2. Here you have a link to some useful info