jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015

Today's class

Hi again!!

Today we had a new class. We went over key concepts of FLA and we continued discussing SLA. As we did not finish, we are going to use the first twenty minutes of next class to finish dealing with the Innatist Model, two Coginitive Models and a Sociocultural Model.

Also, for next class you have to read about Learning Styles and Personality Factors (Brown chapters 5 and 6 and Cook chapter 8).

Remember it's important to catch up with work, and to attend classes... some of you still have the possibility to promote but for that to happen you must come to class and hand in assignments on time.

Today we already made plans for the first presentation. It will be delivered on October 1st by Andrea and it will be on Teaching Strategies and Teaching Vocabulary. Next class we will finish organizing presentations.... you have to decide whether you want to do it alone or in pairs. The topics to choose from are:
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Teaching Receptive Skills
  • Teaching Productive Skills
  • Evaluation
  • Mistakes and Feedback
Finally, I wanted to share two links we mentioned today: one for the specialization on TIC http://postitulo.educacion.gob.ar/ and the other for a very interesting text on Teaching http://cedoc.infd.edu.ar/upload/Didactica_general.pdf

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  1. Hello! could I choose the topic now or do we have to wait until next class?

  2. We are going to define topics next class. Of course you can think about which one you prefer, and if no one else chooses that topic, it's yours...

  3. Ok Sara, thanks for the links about TIC!