lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Let's keep working... just a few more weeks to go!!

Hi girls!!

The first stage is supposed to be over by now. The problem is that some of you did very little or nothing in the presentation.... I'll give you time unitl Thursday to finish the presentation about Reading and Writing. Remember to use the option of "comments" to interact with one another and agree on when it is ready. And let me know.

To work in the next stage, I asked you to get into two groups. Andy, Analía and Daiana have decided to work together, so the other group will be Natalia, Sabrina and Marisol. One of the things you have to do (remember to check the section Stages 2 and 3 for detailed instructions) is write a short story. I will create two Google docs for this purpose, but remember that this is just to make it easier for you to work in groups. The story should be "handed in" using one of the applications mentioned in the instructions.

Link for Daiana, Andy and Analía (You can also check your gmail accounts for the invitation)

Link for Marisol, Natalia and Sabrina  (You can also check your gmail accounts for the invitation)

Remember to contact me about any doubts you may have.

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