miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

The other story and feedback...

Hi there!!

Here is the link to the other story:

The Last of Them

Marisol had already published the link as a comment, but in this way it is more "visible".

Remember there are two activities left:

  • Feddback from one group to the other (you can use any application you want, just make sure to share it. It can be Prezi, Google Drive or any other).
  • A presentation on how to teach writing to our students. Remember there is a page in this blog with detailes explanations about stages 2 and 3.
Bear in mind that everything should be ready for November 17th, because our last class is on the 19th and I need to be able to correct it before the class. Also, Andy, Daiana and Marisol should prepare a virtual poster (usind Piktochart or any other similar application) on the topic or you can make the poster as a "diary" of this virtual learning experience.

See you tomorrow!!

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