sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Latest class and ... creat your own blog

Hi there!!

How are you?! I hope you are enjoying your much deserved weekend!!

Last class we got in groups using some classic bands cards. In groups, you worked on a questionnaire on Second Language and Teaching Styles. At the end of the class we shared the results on the questionnaire, although we did not get to finish.

Next class, we'll finish checking the answers and we'll deal with chapters 1 and 2 on Task Based Language Teaching.

So, for homework, you have to read the above mentioned two chapters and you have to write a paragraph or two (to hand in) reflecting on the results you got in the quiz to find out about your teaching style. You should say what the result was, how you feel about it and what you think about it. Remember to try to shake off prejudices...

Also, here I share a tutorial on how to create your own blog with blogger. I picked this tutorial, but if you prefer to see one in Spanish there are plenty in YouTube. You should create your blog within the next ten days. Once you have created it, publish a comment sharing the https

Also, remember you can create your blog individually or with a partner.So that is a decision you should make very soon.

The only requirement to create a blog with blogger is to have a gmail account, so, if you don't have one yet, please create one.

If you have any doubts, publish a comment so I can help you.

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  1. Hello! This is the blog I told you last class. I created it two years ago. Please take a look at it and tell me if I should create a new one or not. Thanks :) http://cintymart.blogspot.com.ar/?m=1

  2. Hi people! This is our blog (Mauro and Hector) check it out! Http://justenglishthoughts.blogspot.com.ar

    Ser you!!!

  3. Hi! Nice blogs! Well it is not as nice I wished but I´m trying...http://wittyenglishremarks.blogspot.com.ar/

  4. This is my blog, http://daring2learn.blogspot.com.ar/