martes, 16 de agosto de 2016

In two days...

Hi there!!

In two days we'll be meeting again!! After so long!!!

On Thursday we are going to finish our discussion on SLA, so make sure to have read Brown's chapter 10 and be ready to discuss it.

Also, we are going to organize the presentations you will have to deliver during this second part of the year. Try to get organized  in 5 groups (of 3 or 4 memebers each) in advance so we gain some time.

And one more thing: so far I have only been able to see (and edit) the presentations of two groups (Jéssica, Cintia M., Claudia and Verónica in one group and Johanna, Paula and Mercedes in the other). What about the rest??  Remember my gmail is I'll give you until Thursday 25th, but please make sure it is ready by then!!

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