viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

Learning Styles

Why am I greeting you in these different ways? Can you connect it to the contents we discussed yesterday?....

Yes!!! Learning styles!!

Yesterday we discussed what learning styles are, why knowing about them is useful and important for teachers and how they can be classified and/or described.

For next class you have to think of an item to teach (it can be a grammatical item, or vocabulary, or functions.... whatever you want) and you have to think of how you could deal with in the classroom to make sure that you are catering for the needs and preferences of students with different learning styles.

Also, you have to read chapter 6 on Personality Factors. Please, please, please read it!!

One last thing....


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  1. Thanks miss! We had a wonderful class last Thursday, I found myself talking to my family about it -it doesn't happen so often-. Despite of being tired, we all had fun :)
    Have a nice weekend

  2. (I mean, me talking about the prof, don't misunderstand :p )

    1. Don't worry!! I understood what you meant! :-)