viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Welcome... class of 2017!!!

Hi there!!

Welcome to a new year together!!

Let's get organized:

  • Remember to get the material from Milgraff
  • Read for next class: 
  1. the syllabus, in detail
  2. chapter 3 from Yule on the properties of language
Remember to check the blog on a regular basis to stay updated... 

Next class we will be dealing with Popular Methodologies, so, if you have the time before next Thursday, read chapter 13 by Cook on Learning and Teaching Styles (if we do not meet until April 20th then you MUST read that chapter... for the time being we have to wait and see if we can meet on the 6th).

Also, please think about the requirements to promote that we discussed yesterday and make sure you understand them. Should you have any doubts, please ask next class.

Well... that's all for now... we'll be in touch!!

Welcome you all!!!!

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