viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

New homework

Hi there!!

How have you been?? I hope you are all doing great!!

Since we are not meeting until Thursday 20th, I would like you to read, apart from chapter 3 by Yule on the properties of language, chapter 13 by Cook called Learning and Teaching Styles.

If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to post a comment!!

Resultado de imagen para have a nice weekend

4 comentarios:

  1. I´m reading, Miss.
    A question... Are we expected to look for something special in the blog? or just surfing it? :)
    Another question: How did the others do to sign their comments?? :D

  2. Hi there!
    The most important entries for you to read are the ones published each week (if you want to check previous entries, you are more than welcome to do so).
    As regards the fact that two of your classmates appear with their nicknames in the comments, my guess is that they had previously signed in with their gmail accounts...let's ask them to check.

    See you on Thursday!