sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

Class June 11th


Last Thursday we had two presentations:

Andy showed us how she works with Literature and Technology in her classes. She even gave us a CD with material to use in our classes! Thanks Andy!!

Analía dealt with bullying... she shared information, such as definitions and statistics, and her experience to try to understand this phenomenon and learn how to prevent it and deal with it. She showed us some very moving videos... here's one of them....

The topic is so appealing and relevant to all of us, that the homework for next class is related to it: for next class you have to share a film, film scene or sitcom episode related to bullying...

Here I share a movie I love, with Hugh Grant (whom I love) in which the issue of bullying is dealt with:

Then we started playing a game on chapter 3, which we will finish next class...

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