martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Feedback on blogs...

Hello my dear students!!

I've spent a few hours visiting your blogs.... it's been fun!!

Some of you are keeping your blogs updated and frequently publish very interesting material... well done!!

Others just have one or two entries so far, so you need to become more active bloggers... come on! You can do it!

So far only two people have published the reflection you have to write... They are both very interesting so I recommend that those of you who still have to work on this read Daiana's and Marisol's words.

Now, I'll include a list of sentences from your blogs that need to be corrected. What I want you to do is to publish as comments the corrections you can make...

  1. ·      Technology shortens our students span...
  2. ·         We have to provide them with plenty opportunities to interact with each other.
  3. ·        ....I put in practice with a beginner level.
  4. ·         Argentinian speakers find very difficult to deal with some specific particles.
  5. ·         ....these combination of sounds do not exist in Spanish
  6. ·         It's really interesting starting the lesson ...
  7. ·         If you have watched any of her videos you would probably be interested in buying one of her books.
  8. ·         I don't know where it would take me....
  9. ·       ....  teenagers who are building their identity sorrounded by technology impact
  10. ·         Students' misbehaviour and lack of respect are relevant issues that cannot be avoided in any sense (meaning)
  11. ·         Every group is different as well as each individual is different...

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