viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016

Personality factors


Yesterday we dealt with Personality Factors: anxiety, inhibition, self esteem, extroversion, risk taking and empathy. The class was a little bit odd.... firstly, as several people arrrived late, we couldn't start the class in the most organized way; and secondly (and happily) it was a class full of giggles! Still, we could share ideas on the relevance of these personality factors in the learning process.

Next class we will start by briefly discussing the Myers-Briggs character type and motivation, which we did not have time to deal with yesterday, and then we will work on learner language, mistakes and feedback. You have to read two chapters: Brown chapter 8 "Cross linguistic influence and learner language" and Ur chapter 17 "Giving feedback".

Meanwhile, remember to keep working on your blogs!!

And now, yes....

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