viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Planning lessons


Yesterday we had our first spring class. We were supposed to have a presentation, but as it often happens in teaching (and not just in teaching) unexpected things came up...

So, we had a class on planning lessons and sequences of lessons. It was great to see that you know many things about it!! Still, I hope that you found yestersay's class enriching!

Next week we do have a presentation (God willing) on Teaching receptive skills (Cook chapter 7 and Ur chapters 8 and 10).

Also, please remember to send me your feedback on the presentation we had last class.... it is important that you do!!

Here I share with you the info on "Coping with difficult people" that we used as a grouping activity yesterday:

1.       The Sherman Tanks                        G. They are abusive, abrupt, intimidating,   
                       arrogant and impatient

2.       The Complainers                           F. These people grumble all the time but
   never try to do anything to solve the problems they complain about. They find fault with everything and always imply that “someone” is responsible.

3.       The Clams                                    D. They are silent and unresponsive. Just when you
need  an answer you get a few words, or just one  word – or a grant.

4.       The Super- Agreeables                 A. They always say nice things to your face even if
they do something different behind your back.  They are difficult people because they make you believe they agree with you even when they don’t. They need to be popular all the time.

5.       The Balloons                                C. They are phonies. They speak with great
Authority on subjects about which they know nothing.

6.       The Negativists                             E. They are always pessimistic about everything.
They are convinced that failure is inevitable and often manage to persuade those around them that this is true.

7.       The Indecisives                            B. These people do not just delay the decision

making process but avoid it altogether.

Finally, I know you are tired (we are already in the last days of September!!) but...

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  1. I'm really sorry I couldn't deliver the presentation. I'm trying to catch up with everything although It's difficult because we have to visit some doctors this week.
    I'm in contact with all of you!
    Sorry again :(